Something Old, Something New: How To Make Financial Investments In Future Family Weddings

Some of the givens in life are weddings, births, and funerals. While there are insurances available to help cover births and deaths, weddings are a different animal. If you wish to secure your family legacy money wise but you want to make a specific investment that can help with future family weddings, there are things that you can buy to make this happen. Here are some ways that you can do financially to make engagements and weddings easier for the family that you are raising.

Invest in bars of titanium

Titanium is a precious metal that is increasing in popularity as a wedding ring material. Titanium is hard to harm or destroy, making this the perfect metal for those who are difficult on rings due to their jobs. You can invest in several bars of titanium at once time, from companies like Sackin Metals, which can be used to make a ring or two at a time as necessary. Depending on how many bars of titanium you purchase, your future family will be able to make wedding rings of all widths without running out of the material for many decades, if at all. 

Purchase bag of loose diamonds

If you wish to invest in jewelry, investing in loose diamonds and other stones of the same caliber can not only be a way to pass down money, but it can also help with the creation of wedding rings. You can purchase stones of any type of cut and carat size that you prefer and add them to your jewelry closet. The loose stones will cost less than they would if set in a ring. Having the diamond loose also allows the option for your family to pick the stone that they want for their fiance, then have it set on their own. If the stone itself is past down and belongs to an estate, it may also be stipulated that in the event of a divorce, the stone belongs to your estate, while the ring and setting can be kept by the person who the ring was presented to. 

Create an everlasting bouquet

After the engagement and the wedding rings are purchased, weddings can still cost a lot of money. One item that you can make sure never needs to be purchased is a bouquet for the bride. Instead of buying a large bridal bouquet, which can run in the hundreds of dollars, pass down a bouquet made of golden roses. Make this a family tradition starting with the very first wedding possible and make sure everyone knows that it is the standard that your family wants to follow. Along with gold being a precious metal that often rises in price, this can cut money off of weddings plus make sure they are everlastingly stylish.