Bail Bond Agents: How They Can Help Families After A DUI

A teen DUI is a frustrating situation that can upset families and create a very delicate situation. Thankfully, going through this process can work with a bail bond agent to get help. These professionals will do what is necessary to ensure this process goes smoothly.

What Bail Bond Agent Can Do for a Teen 

When a family can't pay for their teen's bail, the child may be stuck in jail until their trial. Thankfully, a bail bond team can ensure that a teen is out of jail and able to live their life. This assistance can help a teen get to school and finish their studies. Other ways that a bail bond agent can assist a family include how they:

  • Help Get a Teen Out of Jail: A skilled bail bonds agent can get a teenager out of jail after getting arrested for a DUI. They'll provide the money that a family needs to help the young one get out at a price that they can afford. This assistance is invaluable when trying to handle a difficult and sometimes touchy situation after a DUI arrest. 
  • Provide a Reasonable Repayment Cycle: Parents can set up a repayment option with the bail bond agent that makes sense for them. This step may include creating a payment plan for the teen, who can pay back their parents as needed. However, they can also have the teen pay directly rather than paying the parent to ensure they understand this process. 
  • Work With the Court: The best bail bond agents will help teens and parents work with the court to streamline the bail process. They'll make sure that parents and children alike understand what is happening, help settle the payment with the court, and ensure that everything goes smoothly when the bail is submitted to the court. 

These steps are essential for teens going through what can be an embarrassing situation. Many learn from this mistake and never drive drunk again but may have a hard time accepting what happened until they get older. A skilled bail bond agent will ensure that the teen fully understands their situation and can move on in their life with ease. 

Working With an Agent 

Parents of a teen going through a DUI arrest and trial should reach out right away to a bail bond agent to learn more about their rights. Talking with these professionals can streamline the situation and provide help when it's needed. These agents go through many trials like these every year and can provide the bail support a teen needs to live their life.