Three Tips To Help You Pay Your Payday Loan On Time

In a financial emergency, having access to a payday loan can be a lifesaver. You don't want to mess up this type of benefit. Having a positive relationship with your payday lender is the first step to getting another loan in the future. If you currently have a payday loan, here are some tips to help you pay off your loan on time to maintain a positive relationship with the lender.

Have Your Coffee At Home

If you can't get your day started on track without a cup of coffee, make sure you're indulging at home. Having even a small cup of coffee at a trendy coffee shop can cost you a considerable amount of money, especially if you're visiting daily.

The average price for a cup of coffee is about $2.70; however, you can easily spend more with larger sizes and special blends. If you were to have coffee out every day for two weeks that would be almost $40, which could easily go towards your loan repayment. Skip the fancy shops and brew at home to save money.

Enjoy Your Home Entertainment Options

It might be a good idea to utilize the video game system, surround sound system, and extensive cable television package you already have instead of heading out for a night on the town. Doing so can free up a significant amount of money to go towards your loan repayment.

For a family of four, the average cost for movie tickets would be around $33.52 total. This figure doesn't even include the cost of popcorn, drinks, and candy. When you add all this up, the cost will easily soar past $50. Stay home and enjoy a night in for free.

Pack Your Lunch

Instead of heading out for lunch with your coworkers, stay at your desk and enjoy a lunch you prepared from home. The cost of lunch might seem like nothing, but when you add up how much you spend over the course of two weeks you would likely be surprised.

If you're going through a drive-thru, you can expect to pay around $8 a day and if you're going to a dine-in restaurant, the cost is around $10 per day. Over the course of two, five-day work weeks you would spend somewhere between $80 and $100 just to eat out. If you don't have the time to cook lunch each day, simply make an extra portion for dinner that you can pack and take with you.

If you believe you might have a hard time meeting the terms of your loan repayment, it's imperative that you speak with your payday loan lender. Lenders are more than happy to try and work with you; however, they can only help you if you let them know. Visit a site like for more information.