3 Tips To Keep In Mind Before Sending Your Coins To A Grading Service

Coin collecting is a popular, long-running hobby in the United States, and it can even be lucrative for you if you have a good eye for it and know a bargain when you see one. But if you really want to know exactly how much all of your coins are worth, the best way to get this information is to send your collection in for appraisal by a company that specializes in coin grading services. If you've never done this before, you'll want to make sure your collection is prepared and ready to put its best face forward before the appraisal begins. Here are three tips to keep in mind before getting your coins graded for the first time.

Keep Different Qualities Separated

You don't have to be a coin expert to be able to tell that a coin that looks dirty or dented probably won't score as high as one of the same type that looks brand new. Whether you are taking your coins to an appraiser in person or mailing them in, make sure you take the time to carefully divide and organize your collection. Put all of the coins that you feel are in mint condition together, for example. You don't want a coin to be accidentally graded at a lower level because it was mixed in with coins of a different quality.

Do Your Own Research On Coins You Believe to Be Rare

There are plenty of books out there that offer price estimates for different rare coins but a good place to start is the official U.S. Treasury site for coins and currency. With any luck, the coin grading service you choose will get everything correct but it's still a good idea to have a general idea of how many rares you have on hand so that there are no surprises at the appraisal. 

Don't Forget to Send Proof of Certification

If you have acquired some coins that were appraised and certified by their previous owner, keep these coins separate from the rest of your collection and don't forget to send in the certificate or any other paperwork that goes with these coins. It's always a good idea to have the coins double checked by a new appraiser but the certificate can help give the grading service a good starting point so there is no confusion and may even save them time on research.

Before taking your coins in for an appraisal by a grading service, make sure all coins are organized according to rarity and quality. It can be helpful to try and do your own amateur appraisal using one of the dozens of U.S. coin price guides that are available online or in bookstores everywhere so that nothing too unexpected happens during your grading. Contact a local coin grading services company today for more information or why not try here.