Recently Been Arrested For The First Time? Two Tips To Help You Get Out Of Jail

If you've recently been arrested for the first time, you are likely reeling from the event.  You may not know much about how the jailing system works, and your main concern is figuring out what you need to do to be released.  If a judge has set a bond amount for you, the easiest way to get out is to pay it.  However, if money is an issue, you may think that you're going to have to stay in jail until your court date.  Use this information to learn two tips that can help you get out of jail without unduly delay.

Use Any Valuable Collateral You May Have 

The first thing you should do when you need to be released from jail is contact a bail bonds person.  Even if you don't have a lot of loose cash, it's entirely possible that you have other possessions that can be used in lieu of money.

For example, things like the title to property or land, family paintings or heirlooms, and even antique guns and jewelry are all items that may hold enough value to cover the amount of your bond.  If you're able to put these things up as collateral, you could find yourself on the other side of the jail bars.

Keep in mind that if you do use personal items as collateral, it's absolutely vital that you don't miss a single court date.  Failing to show up in court could mean that your bail could be revoked, and you could lose your possessions in the process.

Appeal To The Mercies Of The Court

When you appeal to the mercies of the court, you are essentially entering a plea to the judge, asking that you be released.  This approach works best if you have other responsibilities that you need to handle which you can't do from jail.

You may be the sole breadwinner of your family and can't afford to miss time from work.  If so, write a detailed letter and issue it to the judge.  You can substantiate your claims even further by having your manager or supervisor issue a statement to the courts as well, verifying your work history and hailing you as a fine worker.

Don't let your immediate financial situation keep you behind bars.  If you ever find yourself arrested for the first time, remember these tips so you can be released as soon as possible.