2 Ways That A Bail Bonds Service Can Help

A bail bonds service can often be your best friend in the event that you are charged with a crime and arrested, mostly because it can provide you with a means to regain your freedom until you are either cleared of the charges or sentenced to time in prison. Listed below are two ways that a bail bonds service can assist you.

Freedom To Plan Your Defense Strategy

One of the most important ways that a bail bonds service can assist you is by giving you the freedom to plan your defense with your attorney more thoroughly. While you will still be able to speak to your attorney while you are in jail, the times in which he or she can see you can be a bit limiting.

However, if you get out of jail on bail, you can spend as much time as necessary helping your attorney create a defense strategy. For example, you can use your time while you are out of jail to track down eyewitnesses and character witnesses that can be useful to your attorney and his or her strategy. This will be a big help to your attorney as he or she can spend less time finding those witnesses and more time determining how to fit their testimony into your defense strategy and maximize the effectiveness of that testimony.

Freedom To Make Arrangements For Your Time In Prison

Another reason to use a bail bonds service is that they can help you retain your freedom even if you are found guilty and sentenced to time in prison. This option is typically available if you are not being sentenced to prison for a violent crime, the judge does not believe that you are a flight risk, and that you do not pose a threat to anyone. 

This is very useful because it can help you make arrangements for your property before you go to prison. For example, you can use the time before you need to report to prison to arrange for someone to care for your house or hang onto your vehicle or personal effects until your sentence is served. In addition, you should also consider utilizing that time to arrange for the care of anyone or anything that you are responsible for, such as elderly relatives or pets as you do not want to leave them to fend for themselves while you are serving your sentence.

Contact a bail bonds service today to discuss what they can do to help you regain your freedom before your day in court or the beginning of a prison sentence. A bail bonds service, such as Betty Bail Bonds, can help you by providing you with enough freedom to help your attorney create a defense strategy or to make arrangement for the care of your dependents or property before you must report to prison.